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Jonathan’s Ogunquit

Jonathan’s has been serving the public

for over 46 years

We thank all our loyal dinner guests, private event guests, and concert guests for choosing to spend time with us over these years. As a restaurant that serves the public, we have always had a strong emphasis on cleanliness and food safety. 

These themes are central to all that our team does and have played a role in nearly every decision we make. In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, we will continue to operate strictly by the US Food code as we always have.

46 Years – Wow! Back in 1976, Jonathan West purchased what was then, his parent’s home and turned it into a restaurant! Over the years Jonathan has renovated, added-on dining rooms, a second floor, fish tank, etc. The business has grown from a small one dining room bar and restaurant to one of the largest restaurants in all of Maine.

The West family has been in the hospitality industry in York County for over eighty years now. From hotels, bars, and restaurants the family still has a strong presence and continues to pass it on to the next generations.